✨ Friday treat: patience is a virtue

Hello, my friends.

I hope you had a great week.

In this age of information overload and abundance, people who get ahead will be the ones who figure out what to leave out, so they can concentrate on what's important to them.
Nevertheless, the idea that you can do anything is absolutely frightening.
Nothing is more paralyzing than the idea of unlimited possibilities.

When it comes to creative work and innovation, limitation means freedom.
We are often impatient with actions, but we’d better be patient with results.
When you place constraints on yourself, you provoke your inner impatience, and you can create positive outcomes, generate innovation, and ultimately learn how to become more patient with yourself. Interestingly many highly creative concerns are more patient with their peers than they are with themselves.

It takes work to negotiate tight and loose in organizations, but patience and the willingness to make sacrifices can help merge organizations solve some of our hyperconnected era's most challenging issues.

As a leader, you need to be ready to reassess your original strategy for integration.
No matter how foolproof the plan may seem, it is bound to raise problems, and you need to be patient.

Patience is the secret to bold leadership.
Bold leadership is imperative to build resilience.
Resilience is the secret to conceive a sustainable business.

Resources to help you with becoming patient:

  • “Creativity depends on a combination of patience and impatience. You need the impatience to dive into a problem today and the patience to wait for better solutions tomorrow.”—Adam Grant