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Sustainability is a fundamental part of every organization's culture, investment goals, and actions as a responsible business that is undergoing changes and being transferred between paradigm shifts. 

Together, on Nevelab's Vault we are exploring the fundamental aspects of sustainability from an interdisciplinary perspective, analyzing opportunities, and leveraging innovation through technology to better invest in the future. 

The challenge is how to do it by creating value for humanity—and then figure out how to do it for more organizations.


Nevelab's Vault connects the sustainability sector to the developers community as they shape the future of technology. 

We pledge to provide resources for people to make lasting change—in their communities and around the world.      


We are condensing and curating research and insights into comprehensive concepts and we explore them in more detail.
Helping both social enterprises and developers communities understand how others have applied it successfully, and how they can leverage it themselves. 

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We've created Nevelab's Vault to help social enterprise founders, institutions, corporate executives and leaders understand the power of Nevelab's platform, open source and people. 

Join forces with community members to learn, explore new ideas and concepts, and support each other in building their most ambitious sustainable enterprise yet.

Nevelab's Vault membership includes: full access to the community applications and tools, and to the Premium Edition.

Research:  We uncover technology challenges in the social sector, and drive research to help both organizations and initiatives.  

Guides and tools: We create case studies and resources to highlight tech-based   solutions for organizations.  

Community-building: We bring together experts and communities around innovative topics that are relevant in the sustainability sector.  

Sponsorship: We support community events that promote open source for social enterprises and tackle global projects.

Update from February 1, 2021_  

The previous series of publications followed up “The Road to Sustainability” weekly reviews, now going to 10,500+ subscribers and counting. 
You can get the full list here.  

The upcoming editions related to The Road to Sustainability reviews will be shared every Monday evening for premium member-only where we will explore the topics more in-depth with technical aspects and more pragmatic insights.  

The weekly insights “NV2021 #Numberoftheweek” are your roadmap to bridge the gap from chaos to recovery: gateway to sustainability. It’s your guide to new perspectives and opportunities from the wild west. 

Don’t worry about figuring this out all at once.   

Just commit to learning a bit each week.  

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